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Re: mount cd jako user

From: Patryk Biela <patrykx_malpka_poczta.onet.pl>
Date: Tue Apr 26 2005 - 14:36:56 CEST

Dnia wtorek, 26 kwietnia 2005 13:20, Machoni napisał:

For more details, see fstab(5). Only the user that
       mounted a filesystem can unmount it again. If any user
       should be able to unmount, then use users instead of user
       in the fstab line. The owner option is similar to the
       user option, with the restriction that the user must be
       the owner of the special file. This may be useful e.g. for
       /dev/fd if a login script makes the console user owner of
       this device. The group option is similar, with the
       restriction that the user must be member of the group of
       the special file.

Patryk Biela
Received on Tue Apr 26 18:39:58 2005
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